Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Hard Day

Two of our kids have a virus, diarrhea, vomiting, really fun stuff.  Joanne battled a milder case of it earlier, and now it's my turn.  Then Atticus, our only well child, was being a real handful.  He was frustrating us and we were frustrating him.  In time-out, he complained that I was not nice to him, and that he did not like this day.  Then, finally, at dinner time, we sit down at the dinner table.  I think I was thinking something really spiritual, like, "OK, fine, let's just eat."  Atticus said he wanted to say the blessing, I say "sure," or something equally exhorting, and he begins his prayer which is the same, most of the time.  "We thank you God for a good day and - "  And Joanne cuts him off.  "No, Atticus.  Don't say that.  It has NOT been a good day."  Then, with tears in her eyes, "It has been a hard day, but God is still here, and we are still grateful."

God, I thank you for my wife, who practices what I preach, even when I do not.

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  1. Our wives are God's way of saying he loves us, even when we are nothing but a little @#/$. Praying for you guys...