Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ashes... ashes...

I thought I would post some more pictures of the aftermath from our fire.
This is my friend Matt who runs our River program for youth.  Much of that mountain of debris is what used to be my office.

We were literally shoveling through stuff to find anything we could salvage.

Smiling on the outside but crying on the inside.


  1. WOW i keep hearing that out of all these ashes and all this loss there is still hope. The Lord will bring beauty out of all this pain and loss. I am reminded of an image from my childhood. There was a forest fire that consumed a lot of land. The news followed the story for some time. A number of months after the fire they reported that grass was rising up out of the ground that was so badly burned. It hit me that life can burn you in many ways. When we abide in the vine our roots are deeper then the all consuming fire. Life continues, we grow, and become stronger. I pray for new growth to come forth from this destruction. And for a place where this needed ministry to call home (mice free!)

  2. I think I am hearing that the Lord will be giving you fresh manna. You'll be drawing from the well of your experience and serving it up in a fresh way.
    Let it be so, Lord.