Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Our first day

This retreat is called “Dive Deeper” and it is for all the Living Waters leaders in South Africa.  So the leaders from all the major cities are here, and the retreat centre is a beautiful place.  The flowers and birds are incredible.  There are also great big bugs, but let’s not talk about those.
Toni spoke this morning about how we, as leaders, can get caught up into ministry, and helping others get their needs met, that we neglect our own.
I am leading a small group of four other LW leaders, some of them are pastors, so it’s a little intimidating.  But I am really facilitating more than leading, and we all prayed for each other, so it was good.
Paul Stokes is our worship leader, and he is a lovely man.  He’s one of those guys who worships from his toes.  Where you feel like you are almost intruding on a private exchange, that he is not performing, but I would see the exact same Paul if he were playing and singing by himself in his college dorm stairwell.  I found myself being envious.  Here I am trying to worship, and I end up sinning, comparing myself to the worship leader, and wishing I could be more like him.  Isn’t that pathetic?  I even found myself praying, and asking God to help me to worship more like Paul.  But I felt like God responded, No, because he wanted me to worship like me.
This was taken just outside the town of George, South Africa, as we were coming in for the retreat.

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