Friday, October 7, 2011


I’m in Denpassar in Indonesia.  Toni and I flew out to be a part of the training for the Indonesian LW team.  The picture above is of me teaching with my translator.  The training is wrapping up and it has gone very well.  It has been a huge challenge because I was leading a small group of five guys and I had no assistant leader, and English was the second language for four of them.  One had very limited English and the others had to help serve as translators.  It has been nerve-wracking at times, but God is good and we have been able to build trust anyway.
I am going to try Durian tonight.  It is also known as “stinky fruit.”  I am inside and it is now sitting outside on the porch and I can’t believe how much I can smell it inside.  My Filipino friend Tony says that it tastes like heaven but smells like hell.  We shall see.
We still have another day of training, and would anyone who reads this please pray for Rina, who is a member of our team here and her father died this morning.
I am tired and looking forward to going home.  I miss Joanne and my children.  Two of the local leaders here have brought their children and my eyes light up when they come in the room.  I miss my kiddos.

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