Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Blogger is back...

If I am a blogger... does that make you, the reader, a blog-ette?  (Is that bloguette in French?)  But that may be too similar to a loaf of bread, which may be offensive to some.

To call me a blogger may be offensive to other bloggers, because I have certainly not been prolific in that department, as can be seen by the date on my last entry, which was almost a year ago.

Truth be told, I was "locked out" of the blogger website for a long time, and felt very confused and frustrated and foolish in that I could not figure out how to get back in.  This was mixed with a dash of "blogger block" in that the difficulties of logging in to the website became an easy excuse to not write.

So I am hoping share more of ministry life, family life, frustrations and celebrations, with humour scattered in as well.  Hope you come back by to read again.

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  1. welcome back! I for one will continue checking in when i can