Thursday, October 28, 2010

the noticed silence

its not that silent not at all really.  the boys make noise- laughing and tossing toys and then the yells. beatrice makes noise, the laughter and the ma ma mas its a delight.  the airplanes make sooo much noise zooming over head i am not sure if i will be able to tune them out. its the birds i miss. we had such lovely little ones visit us over breakfast. the chickadees and the cardinals i loved watching them the flashes of colour, the perching on our little balcony the tossing of birdseed and the noise- the birdie noises.  we have such mountains with so many birds and the ocean with bald eagles plus i saw the biggest heron dive for a fish while walking on the dyke. but no day to day birds. just to sit quietly and watch them the yellow finches and the way my boys would echo... "mama there is a chicka dee dee dee on our porch!!"  i miss that, the lovely birds sitting on my ledge sitting quietly even if for just a moment until they notice their audience. it is in the silence that i remember them. i recall the sounds and fondly i miss them. birdies, little ones having breakfast, waiting for a friend and then off they go. off they go.

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