Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the time has gone where?

the view from our park
it is the 20th of October how incredible - incredibly good and sad because it goes so fast and i have yet to sit down and really ponder all that has happenned in the last 6 to7 weeks. there are cherished missed friends that i need to write and connect with and of course get to the last of those boxes in the garage.
we are here in Richmond and we are settling in and God continues to amazes us. there are so many little things that He has done to show how much He loves and wants to delight us. the parks around the corner, how close we are to the bridge to get us to Vancouver- the mountains in view, our home the space and the wonder of it all and of course- great whole bean coffee for sale at every grocery store...... we took a hike as much as you can hike with little ones on Sunday - Andrew was in his glory- we were all in the glory of our maker.  it is the little things but icing on the cake sort of things that He is blowing us away with.

Lynn Valley up up up

looking down from the bridge- heart in my throat and babe on my back


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the journey with us. We miss you so much!

  2. Great start! Great to hear what is going on. We'll have to connect "live." Hugs!

  3. Andrew,

    You're back among mountains again! I'm happy for you.