Friday, October 29, 2010

observations thus far

1.  the price of gas here is crazy- $1.17 what the???
2.  really good whole bean coffee can be purchased just about anywhere
3.  tonnes of people run here come rain or shine...
4.  fleece fleece fleece
5. why does cheese in this part of the country have to be sooo expensive?
6. hebrew national hot dogs are by far the best
7. the mountains make me stop and stare no matter where i am
8. store signs here crack us up ie. "The Taste Good Won Ton Restuarant", "the original food with finest spices" and last but  not least.."Good good eat"
9. on a clear day that Mt. Baker is reallly something
10. you learned to drive that big big SUV where?  did you happen to read our #1?

1 comment:

  1. Cheese is half the cost just across the is milk. We will come McSoon to see you. We were supposed to come last week but had a paperwork glitch. Love the blog, keep it up...