Saturday, June 18, 2011

Anger Recovery

It's amazing that when a city shows its worse side, often it can follow up with showing its best side.  This has happened in Vancouver since the riot.  I have been surprised by my own emotional journey, which I guess you could call one of recovery.

Since the riot, downtown has been flooded with volunteers cleaning up.  The windows that were smashed out in the historic Hudson's Bay Company have been boarded up and people have been writing apologies on it.  People have been calling it the "Wall of Sorrow" or the "Apology Wall."
The girl in this picture is wearing a Canuck's jersey.  I thought she was holding a hockey stick, but that's actually a broom.  She must have been cleaning up.  Many fans have written messages on the wall like, "REAL men don't riot," "Never Again," and "Our team came in a respectable second, the rioters came in last."

The wall has since this picture become absolutely filled with apologies, outrage, condolences, and inspiration.  The mayor and the premier even visited and wrote something.

Another interesting thing has been happening.  People have been leaving sticky notes on police cars, saying thank you, we're sorry, and we love you Vancouver Police.

It reminds me that this city, like most cities, no, I'll say all cities, is full of good people, and a few idiots.  There are idiots in Paradise City, and there are good people in the scary back alleys of Detroit.  I need to look for the good, and not be overwhelmed with the idiots.

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