Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vancouver... Vancouver...

How disappointing.  Yes, it was disappointing to lose the Stanley Cup, but to finish it off with rioting and looting and setting cars on fire, well... that takes my disappointment to outrage.

To my family in the States, let me describe how big this was.  Imagine it's the NBA Championship, and the Charlotte Hornets are playing, and the final game is in Charlotte, where you live.  Or imagine the Carolina Panthers are playing in the Superbowl... in your town.  Add to this the home-town feel of college sports where people feel like, and talk as if, they know the athletes personally.  This is what it's been like in Vancouver for the last three weeks of playoff craziness.  Canucks flags on every other car, people wearing Canucks shirts, hats, and hockey jerseys everywhere.

I was getting caught up into the excitement myself, which surprised me since I am not a hockey person.  But I'd been watching the playoff games with the boys, who always cheered for "the blue team."  I'd even considered buying a t-shirt for myself or for the boys.  It was like watching the Olympics and wanting one of those pairs of red mittens.  You want to feel a part of the fun.  And when I found out that no Canadian hockey team had won the NHL in 18 years, that made me root for the home team even more.

But now with all the rioting that took place after we lost, I do not want to wear anything that associates me with these fans.  I don't have a problem with the team; they did their best. I have a problem with the fans.

I can't believe this is the same Vancouver that captured the world's attention with their hospitality during the Olympic games... it feels like all that has gone down the toilet.
More frightening than the burning cars is the fact that these hoodlums are the adult men of tomorrow.  Also frightening are the young girls, there were lots of girls there too, girls who want attention from angry young men.

Another thing that bothers me, and I'm just rambling here, or ranting, or blogging, I really don't know the difference... but what bothers me is this:  how everyone is taking pictures of everything.  Like you smash a guy in the face with your iphone and then take a picture of his bleeding face with your iphone.  Also, lots of posing with flaming cars.  It's almost like, if i cannot get my picture taken with a celebrity (like a victorious hockey player,) then I will BE the celebrity in the name of anarchy, and my facebook account can almost guarantee it.

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