Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Camp Day

I do not care for Tim Horton's coffee.  I call it "the cup of disappointment."  I have heard others refer to it as "brown water."  And being a former Starbuckaneer, I've been known to say o so snooty things like "I no longer drink from the cup of disappointment." And I now only drink French pressed Indonesian fair traded mud.

But today is Tim Horton's Camp Day, and they send a lot of kids to camp.  So I went down to the local Tim Horton's to do my part.  And I have a confession:  I liked the way it tasted.  It tasted like Ontario, and it made me miss all my friends and family there.

So there on the corner of Marine and Fraser in Vancouver, I raised my Medium Regular into the air.  (I'm no longer a Double Double guy.)  And I sent my salute across the miles, sorry, kilometers to Ontario and said, "Send a kid to camp."

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